Case Studies

Arup, The Value of The River Mersey

The value of the River Mersey: An appraisal using an ecosystem service-led approach.

7th July 2016
Published under: Case Studies

The aim of this research was to identify and, as far as possible, quantify many of the crucial but hidden environmental assets that are derived from the River Mersey to the Liverpool City Region (LCR). The study is based on an ecosystem service approach using Arup’s own Natural Capital tool. Such an approach offers a… [more]

Economic Accounting of Mineral resources in Botswana

5th July 2016
Published under: Case Studies,Data Tools & Methodologies

This report is part of an ongoing project under the Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES, global partnership, being carried out by the Government of Botswana (GoB) and the World Bank. The WAVES project has a number of components, including the preparation of water accounts, energy accounts, mineral accounts, and appropriate macroeconomic… [more]

Mozambique Gets Support to Increase Agricultural Productivity While Strengthening Natural Resources Resilience

30th June 2016
Published under: Case Studies,Enabling Environment

“The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved today US$40 million (of which US$26 million in grants) in support of the Republic of Mozambique’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Landscape Management Project. It will contribute to the sustainability of natural resources while improving the livelihoods of targeted rural households in Mozambique. Mozambique’s two decades of capital-intensive economic… [more]

How to Get Decision-Makers to Invest in Nature

2nd June 2016
Published under: Case Studies,Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment,Why Natural Capital?

By Mark Tercek; president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @MarkTercek. “Show us the data. That’s what I hear almost every time I work with decision-makers. Governments and businesses aren’t going to invest in conservation without data showing the effectiveness of those initiatives. So this is… [more]

Why Forests are Key to Climate, Water, Health, and Livelihoods

18th March 2016
Published under: Case Studies,Data Tools & Methodologies

  Story Highlights March 21, the International Day of Forests, is an opportunity to highlight the central role forests play in ecology and climate change, and the significant economic, social and health benefits that forests can provide. 1.3 billion people – one-fifth of the global population – depend on forests for employment, forest products, and… [more]

Dow Builds the Business Case for Green Infrastructure

3rd June 2015
Published under: Case Studies,Why Natural Capital?

Sissel Waage and Mike Uhl explore how organizations can harness natural systems and processes to solve operational challenges. “Imagine that you are an executive in a multinational company. You focus on growing the business and delivering quarterly returns that delight Wall Street investors.  An appointment has appeared on your calendar with a senior vice president to… [more]