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Natural Capital Protocol User Templates

15th July 2016
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These user templates are designed to help structure your outputs for each Step of the Natural Capital Protocol. You are invited to adapt and add to the tables in this document, to fit to your needs and objectives. The hypothetical example, running throughout the Protocol, may also offer some inspiration and illustration of how to… [more]

The ESII (Ecosystem Services Identification & Inventory) Tool

13th July 2016
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The Ecosystem Services Identification & Inventory Tool, or the ESII Tool, is an iPad app and web interface that lets people understand the benefits that nature provides and incorporate the value of nature into decision making. It was developed in collaboration by The Dow Chemical Company, The Nature Conservancy, and EcoMetrix Solutions Group, and can… [more]

CASSAVA STARCH TO BEER: Transforming agricultural practice in Ghana by applying the Natural Capital Protocol

13th July 2016
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It is estimated the tropical west African country of Ghana has 15 years of forest remaining, if the current deforestation rate of 2% per annum continues unabated. The agricultural sector is the main driver of this deforestation, which is accelerating through the more widespread adoption of ‘European-style’ monoculture farming practices. Such practices are poorly suited to tropical soils and climate, where heavy… [more]

Accounting for Ecosystem Services of Water Replenishment Interventions

9th July 2016
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The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) is working worldwide on water conservation projects with the objective to replenish all of its product water use by 2020. Last year, the Company announced that it was close to achieving this goal 5 years early, thus making it ‘water neutral’. Based on its experience on water resource restoration projects (replenish… [more]

Integration of natural capital into agricultural project business planning in sub Saharan Africa

8th July 2016
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The Natural Capital Protocol can inform project design and financial modelling for large-scale agricultural projects. The ImpactAgri article sets out an approach to using natural capital to enhance decision-making for investments involving multiple partners coming from different parts of the value chain. It draws on experience working in cocoa, cassava, and tree nut value chains… [more]

Natural Capital Project Platform Cover

Natural Capital Science and Technology Platform

7th July 2016
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The Natural Capital Project aims to accelerate uptake of successes and lessons learned to date and to magnify the natural capital community’s collective impact. To do this, the Natural Capital Project and collaborators are co-developing a data and analytics platform driven by demand for specific information on natural capital needed for planning, investment, and operational… [more]