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At Home with Nature: Encouraging Biodiversity in New Housing Developments

6th March 2017
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This article was originally published on LinkedIn. “The London Assembly’s latest report, ‘At Home with Nature: Encouraging biodiversity in new housing developments’ published in Jan 2017, delivers the latest findings from the Housing Committee which scrutinises the Mayor’s role and record in delivering the private, social and affordable homes London needs. There is a risk that London will… [more]

The Future of Food – TEEBAgriFood Briefing Note

4th March 2017
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This briefing note was produced by TEEBAgriFood.  “…TEEB first achieved global recognition in 2008 when officials from 13 of the world’s largest economies (the G8+5), with support from the European Commission and the German Environmental Ministry, commissioned the first-ever global analysis of the economic benefits of biological diversity and the costs of its loss (Phase I).… [more]

Citizen Science & Web-Based Modelling Tools for Managing Freshwater

3rd March 2017
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This report is a product of Imperial College London.  The headlines: Involving local communities in monitoring water and land resources – so-called citizen science – can create new data and knowledge, improve conventional decision making and optimise water resource benefits. The use of low-cost hydrological sensors in Nepal allowed local stakeholders to generate useful data… [more]

ADSG launches 3rd annual Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum, Highlighting the Natural Capital Protocol

2nd March 2017
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This press release was originally published on Emirates News Agency.  “…The two-day forum hosts a line up of keynote speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions, and will also introduce the Natural Capital Protocol, a product of the Natural Capital Coalition, which helps to correct the fundamental misconception that there is a trade-off between social and… [more]

Kering Presents Their Natural Capital Journey at the Launch of the Japanese Natural Capital Protocol Translation

1st March 2017
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Download Kering’s presentation here.

Natural Capital “Poised to Hit the Mainstream” – ENDSreport

28th February 2017
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This was originally published on the ENDSreport.  “Natural capital accounting is poised to hit the mainstream in a way that will affect both the public and private sectors so, on 9 January, ENDS Report convened a roundtable to find out the latest from the people at the sharp end. Rachel Salvidge reports on what they had to… [more]