Interview with Mark Gough

21st June 2016
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                            Source: Natural Capital Summit “Natural capital approach allows businesses to streamline operations, conduct more effective risk assessments and enhance business capability to make robust long term decisions” Mark Gough, Executive Director of theNatural Capital Coalition, assumed his post in March 2015,… [more]

Mark Gough Provides U.S. Congressional Testimony on Value of Uniting Natural Capital and International Trade

28th January 2016
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  Mark Gough provides testimony to United States Congressional hearing on the policy recommendations for deepening U.S. – Africa trade and investment relationships. Download the full testimony here. Hosted on: regulations.gov

Enabling Business Decisions That Integrate Natural Capital: Learning From a Complex Systems Perspective

23rd November 2015
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The central focus of this paper is enabling better business decisions by taking natural capital into account. In exploring this we give speci c attention to elements that promote up scaling the Natural Capital Protocol (the Protocol), an important tool for improving business decision-making that the Natural Capital Coalition (the Coalition) is currently developing and pilot… [more]

Organizational Change for Natural Capital Management: Strategy & Implementation

9th November 2015
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Executive Summary: This study describes how business leaders can strategize and implement changes in organizational behavior related to valuing natural capital in their company. It is based on the practices of 26 pioneering companies (60% of them with US$10 Billion+ revenues each) across nine industry sectors. Natural capital valuation is being implemented in pioneering companies… [more]

The Natural Capital Protocol: Feedback Report from Business Engagement Partner Interviews

13th June 2015
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Preface: This report represents a snapshot of opinion from more than eighty businesses about the current state of play of natural capital measurement and valuation, and their expectations for the Natural Capital Protocol. As you will see, there is a wide divergence of opinion about the purpose and anticipated applications of the Protocol, which is… [more]

Identifying Natural Capital Risk and Materiality

15th January 2014
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      This report asks the questions: Could the definition and understanding of the concept of materiality be evolving to incorporate new issues, inclusive of more stakeholders, and over greater time horizons? To what extent are various standard setters and other bodies developing their frameworks to incorporate new forms of the materiality principle –… [more]