Why Natural Capital?

Why Restoring Nature Could Be the Key to Fighting Climate Change

14th October 2015
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Key messages: Biodiversity strengthens ecosystems, increasing their resistance to extreme climate events and improving their capacity to stem climate change A reversal in deforestation trends would allow forests to absorb as much as 30% of global carbon emissions. Forests alone absorbed one-sixth of carbon dioxide released by fossil fuel emissions between 1900 and 2007 Biodiversity… [more]

Earth has Lost a Third of Arable Land in Past 40 years – Scientists

2nd September 2015
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“The world has lost a third of its arable land due to erosion or pollution in the past 40 years, with potentially disastrous consequences as global demand for food soars, scientists have warned. New research has calculated that nearly 33% of the world’s adequate or high-quality food-producing land has been lost at a rate that far… [more]

What is the Point of Saving Endangered Species?

14th July 2015
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In this piece, Michael Marshall explores some of the arguments for and against protecting and enhancing endangered species.  “In 1981, mountain gorillas were at rock-bottom. Confined to a small mountain range in central Africa, with humans encroaching on their habitat bringing poaching and civil war, their population was estimated at just 254. They would all have fitted… [more]

Dow Builds the Business Case for Green Infrastructure

3rd June 2015
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Sissel Waage and Mike Uhl explore how organizations can harness natural systems and processes to solve operational challenges. “Imagine that you are an executive in a multinational company. You focus on growing the business and delivering quarterly returns that delight Wall Street investors.  An appointment has appeared on your calendar with a senior vice president to… [more]

Can Business Learn to Speak the Language of Natural Capital?

29th January 2015
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“There’s a language barrier wedged between our current economic system and the natural world. Most financial models value essential natural components such as water and air quality at zero, or “free”, when accounting for profits and losses. This makes it difficult for ecologists, policymakers and environmental groups to communicate the case for greater investment in… [more]

Failing to Protect Nature’s Capital Could Cost Businesses Trillions

28th January 2015
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Inger Andersen, director general at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, writes for the Guardian about the connection between healthy natural systems, and sustainable grown in business.  “Nature is like an angel investor in the global economy: financially significant, yet widely unknown. The global pharmaceuticals industry, for example, is worth some $640bn. But few… [more]