Forest Products Sector Guide

The Forest Products Sector Guide

The public consultation on the draft Forest Products Sector Guide is now open. Help to shape the content of the guide by following this link

Every business impacts and depends upon natural capital, and experiences associated risks and opportunities. In the forest products sector, these relationships are particularly well defined.

Global forests provide a vast range of ecosystem services, for instance; carbon sequestration, water filtration, habitat creation and nutrient cycling. Forests also provide important products such as timber, food, fuel and bioproducts.

While companies have traditionally valued these goods, the value of ecosystem services has typically been less understood, leading to the increasingly degraded state of the world’s forests and their vast carbon stores.

Without a way of translating the value of these services, and helping businesses to understand how they depend on them for successful operations, and how they are impacting on their health, this degradation is likely to continue.

The forest products sector guide will respond to this challenge by offering a common framework for the forest sector to measure and value its impacts and dependencies on natural capital as a way to manage risks and opportunities across its full value chain.

A clearer understanding of the complex impact and dependency relationships that exist along the forest products value chain will inform better decision-making and encourage more accurate disclosure.

Development Team

The WBCSD Forest Solutions Group proposed the development of a Forest Sector Guide and will be leading the development on behalf of the Coalition.

The Forest Solutions Group is a global platform for strategic collaboration across the forest products value chain, which aims to:

  • Bring more of the world’s forests under sustainable management
  • Expand markets for responsible forest products
  • Ensure growth and vitality of forest resources today and for future generations

FSG Members:


PwC will be leading the technical development of the guide, leveraging their experience delivering Natural Capital valuation projects, their role in the development of the Natural Capital Protocol, and their work with the forest products sector.


As with all Coalition projects we encourage organizations from all parts of society to contribute. You can advise on the development, take part in the consultation, pilot the guide, or simply be kept informed about progress. Please contact the Coalition at to express your interest.

Project Timeline:

In order to make the process as inclusive as possible and to build the necessary consensus among all key actors across the forest sector value chain, a number of consultations (online and in-person) will be held throughout the duration of the project. These will be scheduled on the margin of the key forest sector events to ensure maximum attendance.