Sector Guides

Sector Guides

The Coalition has developed sector guides to accompany the Protocol.

The sector guides support the Protocol by providing additional guidance and sector specific business insights. The sector guides do not provide additional methodologies, but assist in the implementation of the Protocol. Like the Protocol itself, the sector guides have been developed for business, aimed primarily at managers from sustainability, environmental, health and safety, and operations departments to help them integrate natural capital into existing business processes.

More specifically, the sector guides:

  • Provide context on why natural capital is relevant to your business and how your business benefits from it
  • Develop the business case for natural capital assessments
  • Identify natural capital impacts and dependencies relevant to your business
  • Use practical examples to demonstrate sector-specific business applications of the Protocol

The first two sector guides cover Apparel and Food & Beverage. The Coalition welcomes dialogue with sector-specific initiatives interested in working towards developing additional guides for their sectors.