Asian Development Bank Calls for Green Financing Mechanisms

13th September 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on Dawn.  “The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has proposed the creation of national green financing vehicles to catalyse environmentally and financially sustainable infrastructure investments in Asia and the Pacific. In a report released on Tuesday, the ADB highlighted the constraints for developing a large pipeline of bankable green infrastructure projects… [more]

To What Extent Have the Links Between Ecosystem Services & Human Well-Being Been Researched in Africa, Asia, & Latin America?

29th August 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies

This paper was originally published in: Ecosystem Services.  Highlights: The links between ecosystem services and human wellbeing have been understudied. These links have been understudied for cultural and supporting services. Within this intersection it is necessary to better understand trade-offs and synergies. Social differentiation, including gender, should be included in the analysis of the links.… [more]

Viet Nam’s Vow for Forest Protection

30th June 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on UN-REDD Programme.  “The situation of forests in Viet Nam is rather unique. The country significantly increased its overall forest cover from 27% in 1993 to 41% in 2016. The less bright side of things is that, in parallel, natural forests remained threatened, degraded and depleted – and with them,… [more]

What Does Sustainability Mean to Asia’s Small Businesses?

28th June 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on Eco-Business. “Big multinational companies have started to work out how to build their businesses around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But what do the SDGs mean for the companies that make up the bulk of Asia’s business landscape – small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs)? …White’s presentation was centred… [more]

Built Structures and Natural Systems (Video)

28th June 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment,Why Natural Capital?

Bruce Dunn, Principal Environment Specialist at Asian Development Bank discusses infrastructure projects and how to include nature in developmental decision making in this 5 minute video.  “Built structures such as dams, roads, and flood control works bring social and economic benefits. However, they can also significantly affect ecosystems. They can, for instance, impact fisheries by blocking… [more]

Measuring Natural Capital and Why Asian Businesses Should Get on Board

21st September 2016
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment,Featured

“…2016 has seen this progress continue, with the release of the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) in July. Developed by the Natural Capital Coalition – a multi-stakeholder initiative comprising businesses, not-for-profits, economists and academics – the NCP is a framework designed to help generate credible and actionable information that businesses can use to make informed decisions when… [more]