In Businesses Natural Capital Approaches Move Away From Accounting for Stocks & Towards Valuing Flows – Olam

15th December 2017
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This article was originally published on Olam.  “It could be argued that we are misusing the term “Capital” within Natural and Social Capital. Whilst at The World Forum on National Capital, most of the corporate applications of natural and social capital accounting are focused on the flows to and from the capitals rather than accounting… [more]

‘We Haven’t Even Scratched the Surface’: Insights from the World Forum on Natural Capital

4th December 2017
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This article was originally published on Sustainable Brands. “Factoring the value of nature into governance and corporate decision-making is not an easy task, but governments and businesses are starting to recognize the importance of natural capital accounting. According to the Natural Capital Coalition, 68 countries are looking to produce natural capital accounts, while 10 percent of WBCSD member… [more]

Global Nature Fund Releases “The Natural Capital Protocol in Practice”

4th December 2017
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This report was developed by the Global Nature Fund.  “In the project “Network Natural Capital” (duration 2015-2017), the Global Nature Fund was able to gain initial experience in carrying out natural capital assessments in cooperation with project partners in two pilot studies . Both case studies are based on the recommended approach of the Natural Capital Protocol published in July 2016 . Based on… [more]

Natural Capital, A Short Film Series From WBCSD (Video)

4th December 2017
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Don’t get caught short-sighted. Watch this short film from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to learn about how important it is to value your company’s relationship with nature. You’ll also see how some businesses are already leading the way. This short film was originally published on WBCSD.

Using the Natural Capital Protocol Can Make a Meaningful Impact – International Paper

24th November 2017
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This article was originally published on The World Forum on Natural Capital. “Water is essential to International Paper’s manufacturing process. In fact, we could not make our products without it; however, we recognize that water’s value goes far beyond its use in papermaking. We work deliberately to use water resources efficiently and to improve the… [more]

Why We Must Move From Measuring Only Impacts to Also Measuring Dependencies on the Natural World

24th November 2017
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This article was originally published on Raconteur. The way businesses, governments and individuals assess their relationships to nature has been rapidly evolving over the past half century, and this awareness has surged in the last decade  “In the mid-20th century, the burgeoning impacts of humanity on the natural world were becoming increasingly evident. A tipping point was… [more]