Extreme Weather

Wetlands Could Save Cities – & Money, Too – Scientific American

20th September 2017
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on Scientific American.  “Using insurance industry models, researchers determined that wetlands prevented some $625 million in damages due to Hurricane Sandy. Christopher Intagliata reports. As Houston begins recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey, a new storm threat—Hurricane Irma—is barreling west towards the Caribbean and Florida. We have few defenses against hurricanes’ lashing… [more]

In the Wild, Diversity is as Important to Ecosystem Production as Climate & Nutrients

18th September 2017
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This paper was originally published in the Smithsonian.  “Biodiversity is proving to be one of humanity’s best defenses against extreme weather. In past experiments, diversity has fostered healthier, more productive ecosystems, like shoreline vegetation that guards against hurricanes. However, many experts doubted whether these experiments would hold up in the real world. A study offers… [more]

Scientists Say Damage to Florida’s Coral Reef has Made the State More Vulnerable to Storm Surges – Washington Post

13th September 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment,Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on The Washington Post.  “As we begin to piece together the damage from Hurricane Irma in Florida, scientists are pointing to an environmental factor that may have made the storm’s impact worse: the ongoing loss of coral on the state’s increasingly threatened barrier reef. At 360 miles long, the Florida Reef Tract… [more]

Sustainable Insurance: The Emerging Agenda for Supervisors and Regulators

11th September 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment

This report was developed by The Sustainable Insurance Forum, The UN Environment Inquiry & UN Environment’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance. Executive Summary:  “Key sustainability factors are now recognized as potentially significant for the success, safety and soundness of the insurance sector – inspiring reactions by supervisors and regulators. In its role as risk manager, risk carrier and investor,… [more]

Climate change costs India $10 billion every year: Government

21st August 2017
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on The Economic Times.  “Extreme weather events are costing India $9-10 billion annually and climate change is projected to impact agricultural productivity with increasing severity from 2020 to the end of the century. In a recent submission to a parliamentary committee, the agriculture ministry said productivity decrease of major crops would… [more]

Beyond Compensation: the Insurance Industry’s Role in Climate Resilience

17th August 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on Business Insurance.  “Nearly 2,000 disclosures to a climate questionnaire issued last year by CDP, a London-based organization that works with shareholders and corporations to disclose greenhouse gas emissions, revealed that one in five companies rely on insurance as a part of their climate change risk management strategy, not just… [more]