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Natural Capital Protocol: Case Study for Natura

11th September 2017
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The company in brief: Natura is the leading multinational Brazilian company operating in the cosmetics, personal care and beauty industries. With its headquarters in São Paulo, the company employs around 6500 staff in eight countries. The company has a Sustainability Vision which assumes the commitment of integrating environmental and social impacts into Natura’s economic results… [more]

Aligning Profit with Planet – Interview with Gretchen Daily

7th September 2017
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This podcast was originally hosted on Climate One.  “It is possible to protect profits and the planet. Despite claims that a win for the environment is a loss for the economy, corporations are finding innovative ways to have it both ways. These corporations are quickly realizing that protecting watersheds and ecosystems can also protect their business. Companies… [more]

Innovative Plan to Save World’s Reefs from Extinction Launched

21st August 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

  This article was originally published on World Travel & Tourism Council. “A global plan to save coral reefs from being totally wiped out by climate change, pollution and poor fishing practices was launched recently at The Economist World Ocean Summit in Bali. The initiative, called 50 Reefs, brings together a coalition of leading ocean,… [more]

Tagus River At Risk of Drying Up Completely

15th August 2017
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on the Guardian.  “Climate change, dams and diversion bring Iberian peninsula’s longest river, on which millions depend, to brink of collapse.  The Tagus river, the longest in the Iberian peninsula, is in danger of drying up completely as Spain once again finds itself in the grip of drought. Miguel Ángel Sánchez, spokesman… [more]

Invertebrates Benefit Agriculture in Many Different Ways

25th July 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies

This article was originally published on Ecology is Not a Dirty Word, by Dr Manu Saunders. “Production benefits from invertebrates (other than pollination and natural pest control) are often overlooked in agroecosystems.  There has been much more focus on the impact of insect pests. But invertebrates provide lots of other benefits in production systems. Developing sustainable farming systems… [more]

“Natural Capital Protocol Drives Sustainability Thinking”

5th July 2017
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This article was originally published on Infrastructure News.  “The recently released Natural Capital Protocol promises to give business a new appreciation of the ecosystem services on which they rely. According to Paul Jorgensen, environmental scientist at SRK Consulting in South Africa, the protocol offers a standardising framework for organisations to identify, measure and value their… [more]