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Prioritizing Sites for Ecological Restoration Based on Ecosystem Services

18th January 2018
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies

This paper was originally published in Journal of Applied Ecology.  “Restoration ecology that maximizes ecosystem services (ES) requires planning at large spatial scales, which are often the most meaningful for ecosystem functioning and ES supply. As economic resources to undertake ecological restoration at large scales are scarce, prioritizing sites to enhance multiple ES supply is critical.… [more]

A Review of Riverine Ecosystem Service Quantification: Research Gaps & Recommendations

12th December 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment

This paper was originally published in Journal of Applied Ecology.  “Abstract: 1.Increasing demand for benefits provided by riverine ecosystems threatens their sustainable provision. The ecosystem service concept is a promising avenue to inform riverine ecosystem management, but several challenges have prevented the application of this concept. 2.We quantitatively assess the field of riverine ecosystem services’… [more]

Nature’s Values: From Intrinsic to Instrumental. A Review of Values & Valuation Methodologies in the Context of Ecosystem Services & Natural Capital

11th December 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Why Natural Capital?

This paper was originally published in Trinity College Dublin.  “Abstract: Consciously or not, people attach values to aspects that are important in their lives. These values can inform their preferences and their behaviour. They attach a value to a clean, healthy, functioning environment just as they do to other aspects such as personal relationships, their community… [more]

Assessing the Value of Singapore’s Mangrove Swamps

11th December 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment,Why Natural Capital?

  This article was originally published on The Straits Times.  “Is Singapore losing its heritage through redevelopment of buildings and loss of its coastline? It is time to develop a more robust way to assess heritage and ecosystems, to prevent their destruction. The coastline generally associated with Singapore is one of harbours, ships, artificial beaches… [more]

Economic Viability of the National-Scale Forestation Program: The Case of Success in the Republic of Korea

8th December 2017
Published under: Case Studies,Enabling Environment

This article was originally published in Ecosystem Services.  Highlights: The Republic of Korea (ROK) succeeded in its goal of national forestation. The economic viability of the forestation program in the ROK was investigated. The net present value and benefit-cost ratio were 54,316 million $ and 5.84. This economic viability was supported by additional measures for… [more]

Natural Capital Protocol Shapes Yorkshire Water’s Asset & Land Management Strategies

7th December 2017
Published under: Case Studies,Featured

This article was originally published on the World Forum on Natural Capital.  “Yorkshire Water is one of the UK’s largest water companies, providing 5 million domestic customers and 140,000 businesses with 1.3 billion litres of clean water every day. To do this, it’s vital that we manage our 671 treatment works, 83,000km of pipework and… [more]