Natural Capital Protocol

Realizing Tomorrow’s Value: The Emergence of a New Business Practice

27th March 2017
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This report is a product of DNVGL. “How do companies know that their strategy is sustainable? How do you best convince stakeholder – customers and investors – that your company and its products and services offer a truly sustainable source of value? These questions are central to this position paper from DNV GL, which addresses… [more]

Natural Capital Coalition Partners with Cambridge Conservation Initiative to Strengthen Biodiversity in the Natural Capital Protocol

27th March 2017
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When the draft of the Natural Capital Protocol was released for consultation, over 100 comments focused on the need to do more about ‘biodiversity’. But when it comes to putting values on nature, biodiversity has always been a thorny issue. It is a key component of natural capital ‘stock’ and it is the interactions between… [more]

Post-Brexit Environmental Legislation Could Boost Natural Capital into the Mainstream

24th March 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on  “Helm believed that natural capital, which refers to resources that provide goods and services essential to a functional society and economy, such as water, timber and food, was becoming the “go to” concept for businesses aiming to enhance their CSR credentials. However, Helm was concerned that natural capital… [more]

Roche Natural Capital Protocol Pilot: Summary Report

22nd March 2017
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Natural Capital Assessment of Roche’s Swiss operational sites James Spurgeon (Sustain Value) and Christopher Earl (Roche), February 2017 Introduction As part of its commitment to sustainability, in 2015/2016 Roche1 undertook a deep dive pilot of the Natural Capital Protocol with technical support from Sustain Value2. The aim was to both help inform development of the Protocol,… [more]

The Capitals Approach: The Natural Capital Protocol and the Sustainable Development Goals

21st March 2017
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This article was originally published on UNA-UK.  Business has a significant role to play in delivering the SDGs. How can the concept of ‘capitals’ – from natural to intellectual – help the sector to focus its contribution? “…The Protocol and the SDGs The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an expression of the outcomes that the… [more]

Arabic ‘Natural Capital Protocol Primer’ Launched in UAE

20th March 2017
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This article was originally published on The Gulf Time – Emirates Business. “…(EAD) kicked off in the capital on Wednesday. The two-day forum hosts a line up of keynote speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions, and will also introduce the Natural Capital Protocol, a product of the Natural Capital Coalition, which helps to correct the fundamental… [more]