Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Services: Current Status and Future Opportunities for the Study of Bees and Pollination-Related Services

19th January 2018
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment,Why Natural Capital?

This paper was originally published in Current Forestry Reports.  “Abstract: An unprecedented array of observing systems, coupled with ever increasing computing capacity, makes this a golden era for ecologists to study and quantify ecosystem services using remote sensing technology. Here, we review recent studies that utilize remote sensing to understand the supply and demand of ecosystem… [more]

A Global Geospatial Ecosystem Services Estimate of Urban Agriculture

18th January 2018
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies

This paper was originally published in Earth’s Future.  “Abstract: Though urban agriculture (UA), defined here as growing of crops in cities, is increasing in popularity and importance globally, little is known about the aggregate benefits of such natural capital in built-up areas. Here, we introduce a quantitative framework to assess global aggregate ecosystem services from existing… [more]

Plastic Waste is Visible, But ‘Natural Capital’ Such As Bees Makes More Difference to a Sustainable Future

18th January 2018
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on the Conversation.  “The UK government’s pledge “to make ours the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it” is laudable, but it will require much more than the clean up operation on plastics that has dominated headlines. Prime Minister Teresa May launched the 25 Year Environment… [more]

Coffee Grown Next To Forested Areas Benefits from Increased Rates of Pollination

10th January 2018
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on Eco-Business.  “…“At a time when agricultural production is threatened by climate change, the ecosystem services provided by forests—in this case, pollination—can help farmers cope and adapt,” says Bruno Locatelli, an expert on ecosystem services and climate change adaptation at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and a co-author of the study.… [more]

Attitudes to Natural Capital, Resource Sustainability & Agritech

14th December 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This report was produced by National Australia Bank (NAB).  “Natural capital refers to the natural assets on which our economy depends. It includes the natural resources themselves, the physical, biological and chemical systems that support them, and the services they provide – things like clean water, energy, food and fibre, healthy air, climate regulation. The frame… [more]

Coupling of Pollination Services & Coffee Suitability Under Climate Change

19th September 2017
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on npr.  “Pollinators such as bees play a key part of producing the beans that go into your morning cup of coffee.In fact, they are responsible for about 20 to 25 percent of coffee production by increasing the plants’ yield, Taylor Ricketts, the director of the University of Vermont’s Gund… [more]