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Assistant Vice President of Tata Sustainability Group on how Tata is Applying the Natural Capital Protocol

2nd March 2017
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This article was originally published on Alternative Perspectives. “…Leading Tata companies such as Tata Power, Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals, Tata Motors and Tata Coffee have applied the Natural Capital Protocol to assess and value Natural Capital. The initial outcome has been encouraging. Tata Steel and Tata Chemicals were able to get insights to prioritise their… [more]

Tata Partners with Natural Capital Coalition to Drive Sustainability Goals

28th February 2017
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This article was originally published on Ethical Corporation.  “The Tata Group, which has long enjoyed a reputation for corporate good works, was one of India’s first movers on sustainability. Now, says Shankar Venkateswaran, chief of Tata Sustainability Group, “we feel we’re on top of the basic materiality issues, and we’re starting to think more about… [more]

Public Support for Wetland Restoration: What is the Link With Ecosystem Service Values?

1st February 2017
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This paper is a product of the Official Scholarly Journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists. “Abstract: Fostering public support for wetland restoration is essential for long-term sustainable management and use of wetland areas. This paper explores the socio-cultural dimension of wetland restoration, by looking at the importance of wetland ecosystem services for different user groups.… [more]

3 Ways Conservation Efforts Can Promote Peace

15th December 2016
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This article was originally published on Conservation International‘s blog Human Nature. “Illegally mined minerals and timber stripped from Africa’s forests have financed some of the continent’s most brutal wars. Similarly, the illegal ivory trade has been linked to terrorist groups that pose a global threat. In South Asia — home to three of the most densely… [more]

Transformative Change to Safeguard the Global Commons Could Mobilise Investment

8th November 2016
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This article was originally published on the Guardian.  “…In July 2016, the world took a giant step towards natural capital accounting by officially launching the Natural Capital Protocol – opening a new pathway for companies. By thinking strategically about natural capital decisions and implementing the Protocol, forward thinking companies now have the opportunity to impact… [more]

Natural and Social Capital Accounting for Finance Teams

1st September 2015
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Key insights Natural capital and social capital accounting can help businesses manage risks more effectively Finance teams are increasingly recognising the commercial value of broadening the information upon which decisions are made to include natural and social capital considerations Companies are making use of an increasingly diverse range of metrics to ensure effective assessment of business… [more]