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Scientists Say Damage to Florida’s Coral Reef has Made the State More Vulnerable to Storm Surges – Washington Post

13th September 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment,Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on The Washington Post.  “As we begin to piece together the damage from Hurricane Irma in Florida, scientists are pointing to an environmental factor that may have made the storm’s impact worse: the ongoing loss of coral on the state’s increasingly threatened barrier reef. At 360 miles long, the Florida Reef Tract… [more]

The Big Payoff From Restoring Coastal Wetlands When Hurricanes Strike

11th September 2017
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on News Deeply. Marine scientist Michael Beck says that an analysis of hurricane-related economic losses shows that conserving and restoring coastal reefs, wetlands and mangroves can prevent flooding and save hundreds of millions of dollars. “In just two weeks, Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, killing at least 70 people on the Gulf Coast,… [more]

Mighty Mangroves of the Philippines: Valuing Wetland Benefits for Risk Reduction & Conservation

5th September 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published at: Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES).  “Mangroves are weeds; if you give them half a chance they grow in some of the most inhospitable environments, with their knees in seawater and their trunks in the air. They create forested barriers between the wrath of the seas and our… [more]

Coalition August Newsletter

29th August 2017
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Mangroves: A Star Player In The Coastal Protection Game

8th August 2017
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on the Huffington Post By Mark Tercek, President and CEO and Mike Beck, Lead Marine Scientist, The Nature Conservancy.  “They do it all: sequester greenhouse gases, protect marine life, maintain fresh water and, of course, defend against rising sea levels and storm surges. So how can TNC, a conservation organization, convince… [more]

Financing Natural Infrastructure for Coastal Flood Damage Reduction

27th July 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies

This report was originally published on Conservation Gateway.  “Executive Summary: This paper explores financial tools for investing in natural infrastructure to reduce current and future risks from flooding. The key conclusions are: 1. There is a large and growing pool of funding for natural infrastructure, but the availability is geographically uneven and providing sufficient resources will require… [more]