In Businesses Natural Capital Approaches Move Away From Accounting for Stocks & Towards Valuing Flows – Olam

15th December 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on Olam.  “It could be argued that we are misusing the term “Capital” within Natural and Social Capital. Whilst at The World Forum on National Capital, most of the corporate applications of natural and social capital accounting are focused on the flows to and from the capitals rather than accounting… [more]

Nature’s Values: From Intrinsic to Instrumental. A Review of Values & Valuation Methodologies in the Context of Ecosystem Services & Natural Capital

11th December 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Why Natural Capital?

This paper was originally published in Trinity College Dublin.  “Abstract: Consciously or not, people attach values to aspects that are important in their lives. These values can inform their preferences and their behaviour. They attach a value to a clean, healthy, functioning environment just as they do to other aspects such as personal relationships, their community… [more]

Assessing the Value of Singapore’s Mangrove Swamps

11th December 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment,Why Natural Capital?

  This article was originally published on The Straits Times.  “Is Singapore losing its heritage through redevelopment of buildings and loss of its coastline? It is time to develop a more robust way to assess heritage and ecosystems, to prevent their destruction. The coastline generally associated with Singapore is one of harbours, ships, artificial beaches… [more]

The Natural Treasures of Bonaire (Video)

4th December 2017
Published under: Case Studies,Enabling Environment

This video was produced by Wolfs Company.  “The Wolfs Company documentary “National Treasures of Bonaire” was produced to communicate the results of the project TEEB Bonaire. The documentary gives an insight in how the economic value of nature is linked to everyday life. It raised awareness about the importance of healthy ecosystems and has gained… [more]

Greater London Authority Releases Natural Capital Account for London

24th November 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment

This report was prepared for the Greater London Authority, the National Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Executive Summary “Context: Londoners live in one of the greenest cities of its size in the world. They have access to an extensive network of public parks and green spaces, though this access varies locally. A greater understanding… [more]

Why We Must Move From Measuring Only Impacts to Also Measuring Dependencies on the Natural World

24th November 2017
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This article was originally published on Raconteur. The way businesses, governments and individuals assess their relationships to nature has been rapidly evolving over the past half century, and this awareness has surged in the last decade  “In the mid-20th century, the burgeoning impacts of humanity on the natural world were becoming increasingly evident. A tipping point was… [more]