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African Forum on Green Economy: Investing in Natural Capital for a Resilient Africa

**Announcement: THE FORUM HAS BEEN MOVED ONLINE to avoid international travel in light of the spread of COVID-19.

The Forum will take place between April 1st – June 5th 2020. Take part by signing up at our new website**

Of all regions on the planet, Africa faces some of the most material natural capital risks and yet some of the most clear and compelling opportunities for green, sustainable growth.

Fast growing sectors such as agriculture, forestry, infrastructure and others face significant risks from climate change, biodiversity loss and resource scarcity. Businesses across the continent will need better information to understand these risks, and to respond in a sustainable way.

Investors also need to better understand their opportunities and risk profiles in emerging African markets, and policymakers need to identify and enact smart legislation that provides natural, social and economic benefits for maximum sustainable growth.

To provide the information necessary to inform this better decision making, we need:

  • An honest and practical conversation about how businesses and countries can invest in their natural capital for sustainable yet profitable growth
  • Robust and accessible data on how the state of natural capital affects the profitability and risk-exposure of operations and investments using insights such as national natural capital accounts.
  • Collaboration and shared learnings on how to initiate and scale green, economic investments that are practical and effective, with benefits  for multiple stakeholders.
  • Strong, international agendas and networks that incentivize and embed greener economic decision-making.

Institutions across the continent will need the information and incentive to respond to these changes in a sustainable way. The Forum will help all stakeholders anticipate and prepare for risks and opportunities, and propose collaborative ways forward.

What makes this Forum different?

This forum builds connections between people and concepts, with a focus on practicality. By combining green economy and natural capital principles and networks, we can  better inspire and innovate for meaningful outcomes. This is a shared opportunity to redefine sustainable economic growth where all business, financial institutions, governments and civil society organizations play a critical role.

Pioneering online format

We understand that many of you are experiencing disruption and concern due to coronavirus. By using interactive video webinar technology, live-streaming conferences, and an online discussion platform, the African Forum on Green Economy will enable all the debate, discussion and interaction of a major international conference – with none of the health risks or carbon emissions.

Content of the Forum

The Forum will take place in Spring 2020, allowing dedicated and reflective discussion on a number of key themes over multiple weeks. Content will be multi-media to allow participation from all working-from-home scenarios.

This Forum will:

  • Bring diverse stakeholders into the discussion for shared dialogue across the economic system.
  • Move towards concrete actions by facilitating collaboration across communities and expertise.
  • Get input from all participants on what needs to happen next.


Weeks 1-2: 1st April – 10th April 2020

African Leadership Towards a Green Economy

Join global experts to dissect why 2020 has the potential to launch a new decade of greener, fairer economies. We’ll be looking at the international processes which are promoting this transition, and the specific role that Africa can play in leading the charge. To include leading voices from across the continent.

Weeks 3-4: 13th April – 24th April 2020

Diving into Water

Businesses and institutions across Africa share their innovative approaches to integrating the value of water into their operations and decisions. Over these two weeks, we’ll share presentations of leading case studies, followed by opportunities to engage by webinar and webchat.

Weeks 5-6: 27th April – 8th May 2020

Digging into Agriculture

Agriculture is a critical part of Africa’s economy, and is most at risk from natural capital risks. We will hear from leading organizations who are working to make their operations environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. We’ll share presentations of leading case studies, followed by opportunities to engage by webinar and webchat over the two weeks.

Weeks 7-8: 11th May – 22nd May 2020

Natural Capitals in Development Finance

Development finance institutions in Africa will be sharing their interests and ambitions for integrating natural capital into investments and operations. Share your thoughts on how these institutions can increasingly work together to integrate new considerations of nature into their operations.

Weeks 9-10: 25th May – 5th June 2020

Drilling into Infrastructure

This session will promote innovative examples from across Africa of how natural capital can be integrated into infrastructure design and development. Over the two weeks, we’ll share presentations of leading case studies, followed by opportunities to engage by webinar and webchat.

Weeks 11-12: 8th June – 19th June 2020

Data for Decision Making

Natural Capital Accounting is increasingly being employed by African governments to build a picture of their natural assets and the economic flows around them. Hear from leading experts on the opportunities and trends around natural capital accounting on the continent, and how this can help to inform greener economies.  We’ll share presentations of leading case studies, followed by opportunities to engage by webinar and webchat over these two weeks.

Weeks 13-14: 22nd June – 3rd July 2020

Enabling Change: What next?

We know that system-wide change requires innovation and collaboration. Over the fortnight, we will hear from institutions who are starting to bridge that gap and will open up the discussion to hear from you what you think is needed next.


This is a conversation that needs many voices, to make it impactful and representative of Africa today. Whether you work in business, policy, finance, non-profit, or academia we want to hear your thoughts.

You are welcome to join as much or as little of the agenda as suits your interest and your availability. Please, share the word with colleagues and partners so we can navigate these challenging times together and emerge with even greater ambition to build a more resilient and green economy.

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Forum Partners

This project is managed by the Natural Capital Coalition on behalf of Economics for Nature, and is supported by IUCN Uganda Country Office. Economics for Nature is a six year programme of work being led by the Green Economy Coalition and its partners, Finance Watch, the Green Growth Knowledge Platform, the Natural Capital Coalition and WWF France. The overarching aim of Economics for Nature is to support development, economic and spatial planning processes to internalise the many values of nature. This work is funded by MAVA Foundation.

The event is supported by ACODE Uganda, Balfour Beatty, Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network, Gaberone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa, Green Growth Knowledge Partnership, Natural Eco Capital Nigeria,  UNEP-WCMC and Vital Signs Uganda.