Below are some of the most popular posts from the Natural Capital Hub in the last week:

1: Why Is Biodiversity Important? (Video)

The California Academy of Sciences asks the question: ‘why is biodiversity so important?’

2: Defra to Fund £10m Peatland Restoration Scheme

“The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has announced details of a £10 million grant scheme to restore England’s iconic peatlands which has been launched by the Government today – the peatlands provide 70 per cent of drinking water…”

3: Species Diversity Through the Food Chain Maintains Ecosystem Services More Effectively

Biodiversity’s contribution to ecosystem services in grasslands — at different levels of the food chain (known as trophic levels) — has been assessed in a new study…”

4: Mangroves – Natural Numbers (Video)

“Natural Numbers is a series of short films that combine science, photography and creative graphics to explain the value of the natural capital of Mexico…”