This article was originally published on World Resources Institute

“Brazil’s Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment announced their intent to restore and promote sustainable agriculture across 22 million hectares of degraded land, the largest restoration commitment ever made by a single nation. The announcement includes the following goals, set against a 2005 baseline:

  • Restoring twelve million hectares of deforested and degraded forest land by 2030 through forest restoration, reforestation and natural regeneration;
  • Implementing five million hectares of integrated crop, livestock and forest management by 2030 through Brazil’s low-carbon agriculture program;
  • Restoring five million hectares of degraded pasture land by 2020.

Brazil announced its plans at the 13th Conference of the Parties on Biological Diversity (COP13), taking place in Cancún, Mexico until December 17, as part of the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity…”

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