Arabic Natural Capital Protocol Business Primer Released by Abu Dhabi Sustainability Group

27th April 2017
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As part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Business Leadership Forum 2017, the Abu Dhabi Sustainability group produced a Arabic Natural Capital Protocol Primer for business.  This Primer is a key introduction to the Natural Capital Protocol. It expands upon why applying the Protocol and including natural capital in business considerations will enhance corporate decision making.… [more]

Natural Capital Lab’s Financial Sector Primer

24th April 2017
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This Primer is a product of the Natural Capital Lab.  “This primer presents Canadian companies in the financial services sector with an opportunity and assistance from the Natural Capital Lab (NCL) to pilot the ‘Natural Capital Protocol’. The Natural Capital Protocol is a framework designed to help generate trusted, credible, and actionable information for business… [more]

Biggest Hub Stories of the Last Week

24th April 2017
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Below are some of the most popular posts from the Natural Capital Hub in the last week: 1: Why Is Biodiversity Important? (Video) The California Academy of Sciences asks the question: ‘why is biodiversity so important?’ 2: Defra to Fund £10m Peatland Restoration Scheme “The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs has announced details of a £10… [more]

How & Why Do Diverse Actors Come Together to Pursue Natural Capital Approaches?

20th April 2017
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Peter Wilshuen, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Brucknell University (Pennsylvania, USA), has approached the Coalition about conducting research on natural capital approaches and conservation governance.  He will be following the work of the Natural Capital Coalition as an interesting example of a governance network associated with international conservation that seeks to advance natural capital… [more]

Natural Capital Coalition

Natural Capital Coalition Strategy 2017-2020

28th March 2017
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Natural Capital Coalition Partners with Cambridge Conservation Initiative to Strengthen Biodiversity in the Natural Capital Protocol

27th March 2017
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When the draft of the Natural Capital Protocol was released for consultation, over 100 comments focused on the need to do more about ‘biodiversity’. But when it comes to putting values on nature, biodiversity has always been a thorny issue. It is a key component of natural capital ‘stock’ and it is the interactions between… [more]