As part of the Nikkei BP ESG Management Forum – a private sector initiative to introduce, share and research environmental, social and governance related issues among the business sector-, the community of learning for Natural Capital valuation among Japanese companies was established in April 2018 in collaboration with the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Conservation International Japan and Ministry of the Environment, Japan. This community of learning for Natural Capital valuation aims to provide three-fold opportunities to members:

1) Firstly, to share knowledge of related case studies that apply the Natural Capital Protocol to global and Japanese companies along with different methodologies for quantifying subsequent impacts and benefits produced by these companies.

2) Secondly, to exchange practice and information regarding Natural Capital valuation.

3) Lastly, to promote a mutual learning environment among Japanese companies interested in the valuation of Natural Capital.

As members of the community of learning are primarily Japanese companies who meet on a bi-monthly basis; a platform aimed at producing case studies for Natural Capital valuation from these Japanese companies applying the Natural Capital Protocol is desired. Furthermore, the promotion and encouragement for Japanese companies to implement Natural Capital valuation in their development strategies is an added desired outcome.