Government Dialogue on Natural Capital


The Coalition has helped to establish the Government Dialogue on Natural Capital, which has brought governments together to discuss their role in creating an enabling environment for natural capital approaches. The first meeting was hosted by the Dutch and Scottish governments, and held at the World Forum on Natural Capital.

An enabling environment in the context of natural capital approaches has been defined by the community as:

The context needed to support the transition to a society in which natural capital approaches are an integral part of public and private decision making.”

This enabling environment may be achieved for example though:

  • Good & strong institutions
  • Supportive legal & policy frameworks
  • Capacity and expertise
  • Dialogue and participation of multiple stakeholders

At the Forum, on 27 November 2017 in Edinburgh, representatives from 16 countries and the European Commission met with a range of non-governmental organizations to share experiences and discus how they could better promote natural capital approaches to facilitate widespread adoption by businesses in their respective countries.

Aim of the Government Dialogue on Natural Capital

  • To provide a platform for governments to explore, understand and strengthen the role of national governments and their interaction with the private sector in up-scaling and mainstreaming natural capital approaches
  • To share their experiences in creating an enabling environment for natural capital approaches in both the public and private sector, that can help to achieve an inclusive economy within planetary boundaries
  • To explore opportunities for collaboration with the aim of strengthening the enabling role of governments around the world

Key areas for collaboration

Three key areas were identified in which intergovernmental collaboration may help to mainstream natural capital approaches. These are to:

  • Link national natural capital accounting with corporate natural capital assessment
  • Increase collaboration by government agencies and businesses (both nationally and internationally) and use existing online platforms to share best practices
  •  Develop a positive natural capital narrative

2018 Main Outputs

2018 Workstream Factsheets & Summaries: