How We Work

The natural world and its ecosystems are fundamentally interconnected and symbiotic. Therefore, our approach to their conservation and restoration must be similarly interconnected, and must take an encompassing  systems approach if it is to succeed.

The spirit of collaboration sits at the heart of all Coalition projects and activities. Coalition organizations share a common belief that we can do more together than we can alone, and an understanding that it is only by bringing the many different parts of the system together as part of a purpose-led conversation that we can we affect real change. The Coalition’s strength comes from this belief, and from the diversity it brings.

A systems approach is embedded in the DNA of the Natural Capital Coalition. The Coalition is made up of almost 300 Coalition organisations (and engages many thousands more) which together provide representation from across all parts of society.

The Coalition is supported by the Coalition team, who provide an overview of work in the natural capital space, highlight connections, engage in outreach and facilitate expert advice for the Coalition community. The Coalition team is able to act as a matchmaker to ensure that different parts of the system are talking to one another, and that leading organizations and experts are working together to optimize efforts to achieve our shared vision.

Coalition projects and activities are not identified or determined by the Coalition team, but by the Coalition community. Members of the community approach the team with projects or pieces of work that they believe will move us closer to achieving an enabling environment for natural capital approaches.

The Coalition team then takes this idea out to the wider community to prove the need for this work and to ensure that it will benefit the wider system. If the community agrees that there is a need, the Coalition team will begin to engage different individuals and organizations from within the community who possess the right experience and expertise to deliver the work.

Once a core team has been established, the project is opened up to the rest of the community, who can then express their interest in joining the work as part of our 5 spheres of engagement.

The Coalition is a purpose-driven and time-bound initiative. If we are successful, we do not expect to continue to exist, at least not in our current form. Our aim is not to persist into perpetuity, but to take advantage of this moment in time where natural capital thinking has emerged as an effective tool to facilitate the transition to a more inclusive and sustainable future.