Natural Capital Regional Platforms

This year the Coalition has been working to set up a network of Natural Capital Regional Platforms around the world. A Regional Platform is a collaboration of interested parties coming together at a national, sub-national, regional or local level to advance natural capital thinking.

Regional Platforms will connect leaders and leading initiatives to ensure that the right people are communicating across the system, and will provide a space for geographic and context-specific challenges and opportunities to be discussed among stakeholders.

The work and conversations taking place in the Platforms will be fed back to the global Coalition, to inform our collective, global strategy and inspire the international community.

Regional Platforms evolve organically, often by building on existing networks, and are supported remotely by the Coalition.

You can contact any of the platforms below to hear more. For information about setting up a Regional Platform in your own part of the world, please take a look at the information document here and contact

To find out more about natural capital hotspots around the world, download our mapping exercise here.

Australia: Natural Capital Platform
Brazil: Natural Capital Platform
Colombia: Natural Capital Platform
Netherlands Regional Platform
Scottish Forum on Natural Capital
South Africa: National Biodiversity and Business Network
Spain: Natural Capital Factory
US: Natural Capital Network
UAE Natural Capital Platform
West African Natural Capital Platform