In November 2018 (26 – 30), leading organizations in the natural capital space will convene in Paris for a week of events, discussions and networking. See below for details of events, partners, and how to attend. More information and detailed agendas to follow.

Natural Capital Policy Forum

Who: WAVES, Government Dialogue, Natural Capital Coalition

Registration: Invite only

Natural Capital Coalition Collaboration Day

Who: Natural Capital Coalition

Registration: Free (open registration to follow)

Details: A day for the natural capital community to reflect, discuss, challenge and prioritize for the year ahead. Note that registration is available currently only to Coalition Organizations, registration for non-Coalition Organizations will be available in September.

UNEP FI Global Roundtable and Climate Finance Day

Who: UNEP FI and Finance for Tomorrow

Registration: Paid (online)

OECD Global Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum

Who: OECD and GGKP

Registration: (online)

GGKP Annual Conference

Who: OECD and GGKP

Registration: Invite only

BBOP Final Conference, Field Trip and EU B&B Joint Day

Who: BBOP and EU B@B

Registration: Paid (Online)