This article was originally published on UNEP WCMC

“Harnessing nature and the services it provides (also known as Nature-based Solutions) presents an opportunity to develop economically viable and cost-effective approaches that are complementary or alternatives to traditional ways of enhancing infrastructure resilience. It can also result in a wide range of social and environmental co-benefits, including improving local livelihoods and conserving biodiversity. Examples include:

  • restoring and/or managing mangroves and seagrasses to help attenuate storm surge in place of seawalls;
  • using wetlands for flood management instead of dykes or levees; and
  • reforestation to mitigate flood and landslide risks as an alternative to retaining walls.

UN Environment, the Inter-American Development Bank, Acclimatise, and UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre are collaborating to understand the barriers and enablers to private sector use of nature for building infrastructure resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean.  If you have case studies and experience to share on nature based solutions projects, please complete this survey available in English and Spanish by 9th November.  It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.