Biodiversity Guidance Public Consultation

The public consultation of the draft Biodiversity Guidance is open until 1st May 2020.

The consultation process is being run through the online platform, Collaborase. You can download the Guidance Documents from the Related Links box but you will need to register for Collaborase to take part and leave your comments using the links below for each document. Further information on the consultation process and how to use Collaborase can be found here. In addition, we also have a series of questions to help frame your review.

Please note that we can only accept comments and survey responses through Collaborase and not via email. We do this to ensure all comments are collected and addressed fairly.

Register for Collaborase here:

Introduction and Decision Tree

Framing Guidance

Scoping Guidance

Measuring and Valuing Guidance

Application Guidance

This draft Guidance has been developed to accompany the Protocol and enable businesses to better incorporate biodiversity into natural capital assessments and decision making. The Guidance builds on the Protocol and consolidates existing materials rather than seeking to create new tools or methods.

In response to feedback received in the early stages of this project, the intention is for this Guidance to form an online tool. However, during consultation, the Guidance is presented as a series of separate documents. The final stage in the development of this Guidance will be to transfer the information to an online platform. Information from each of the Guidance documents will be accessed as a user progresses through an online version of the Decision Tree.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.