Protocol Toolkit

The Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit

The ‘Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit’, developed by WBCSD, complements and facilitate business uptake of, the Natural Capital Protocol and sector guides by consolidating the wealth of tools, methodologies and approaches available for natural capital measurement and valuation.

The Toolkit is hosted by MIT SHIFT, an MIT Sloan Sustainability initiative.

It places existing tools under the umbrella of the Protocol’s international, standardized framework, and links them into the generally accepted process for conducting a natural capital assessment. The Toolkit will be constantly updated, to ensure it stays representative of the fast growing number of tools available.

The Toolkit provides additional value to businesses working at all levels of natural capital measurement and valuation. It is a user friendly, accessible, online resource that becomes synonymous with Protocol implementation.

The Toolkit is a natural progression of the existing WBCSD publication ‘Eco4Biz’, the Coalition’s publication ‘Taking Stock’, and BSR’s latest update of ‘Making the Invisible Visible’.

  • The Toolkit puts all existing tools in the context of the Natural Capital Protocol – a standardized international framework for conducting natural capital assessments. This helps businesses understand which tools to use, for what and when.

  • The Toolkit will be regularly updated to ensure it reflects the fast-growing number of tools available. This will help businesses stay on the cutting edge of developments in natural capital.

Who is the toolkit for?

  • Businesses who need help measuring a specific aspect of natural capital, for example water, waste or biodiversity.
  • Businesses who want to understand which natural capital measurement tools are out there, and how they differ.
  • Tool developers who believe businesses would benefit from using their publicly-available tools.

WBCSD is leading this work with the Natural Capital Coalition a strategic partner, and with input from a multidisciplinary Advisory Group. The Toolkit was released on July 13 2017, exactly one year after the release of the Protocol. Access the Toolkit here

Further information about this project can be found here.

Project governance

WBCSD will provide funding and resources for the Toolkit project, as part of its Natural Capital & Ecosystem Cluster.

The Toolkit is be a collaborative and inclusive project that leverages as much existing work and experience as possible. The Natural Capital Coalition is a Strategic Partner in the project, and will offer guidance, resources and promotion to the Toolkit development.

The project is supported by an Advisory Group. This group is open to businesses, developers of publically available tools, academia, consultancies and others, and serves as a sounding board on drafts and process. This is an open group based on individual interest; please let us know if you might be interested and would like further information.

For more information, please contact Anais Blasco , Manager – Natural Capital, WBCSD.

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Call for Contributions

Have you developed a tool, methodology or resource that can help business measure and value natural capital? If so, the Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit needs to hear from you. Read more here.