How are Fortune 500 Companies Reporting on Biodiversity?

31st July 2018
Published under: Enabling Environment

This paper was originally published in Conservation Biology.  “Abstract: Biodiversity declines threaten the sustainability of global economies and societies. Acknowledging this, businesses are beginning to make commitments to account for and mitigate their influence on biodiversity, and report this in sustainability reports. The top 100 of the 2016 Fortune 500 Global companies’ (the Fortune 100) sustainability… [more]

The Role of Business in Natural Capital Accounting & the Sustainable Development Goals

11th June 2018
Published under: Case Studies,Featured

This paper was originally published on Wealth Accounting and theValuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES).  By Chris Brown,¹ Ian Dickie,² Joseph Harris-Confino,³ Petri Lehtonen, 4 Carl Obst, 5 and Hannah Pitts³. ¹ Olam, ² eftec, ³ Natural Capital Coalition, 4 Indufor, 5 IDEEA Group. “Summary: Every business impacts and depends upon natural capital, and this relationship yields significant risks… [more]

Can Companies Stave off Forest Tipping Points?

30th April 2018
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on Conservation Finance Network.  “What does it take to make a forest collapse ecologically? How can the corporate sector prevent this collapse of its natural capital? According to Kerry Cesareo, vice president of the Forests Program at World Wildlife Fund (WWF), there are threats to the natural capital of the private sector… [more]

Is the Low Carbon Economy This Century’s Biggest Business Opportunity?

10th April 2018
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on the Guardian. “Tackling climate change could unlock a $23tn (£16tn) investment opportunity by 2030 in emerging markets alone, according to a 2017 report by International Finance Corporation. Meanwhile in the US, renewable energy is creating jobs twice as fast as any other industry. And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.… [more]

Tabasco Hot Sauce & the Fate of Louisiana’s Shorelines

29th March 2018
Published under: Why Natural Capital?

This article was originally published on Sierra.  “Avery Island is not strictly an island. It is a huge dome of salt in south Louisiana, nestled in bayous, marshes, and swamps off the Gulf of Mexico. Standing at 163 feet above sea level, it is one of the highest points of land in flat Louisiana and… [more]

Private Sector & Natural Capital: The Business Case for Natural Capital Assessment

22nd March 2018
Published under: Case Studies,Enabling Environment

This report was produced by the Global Nature Fund (GNF).  “In its new publication “The Business Case for Natural Capital Assessment”, the Global Nature Fund (GNF) highlights the different triggers for companies to assess their natural capital. The advantages and diverse applications of this tool are exemplified by means of international developments and practical examples.… [more]