Ecosystem Goods

New Enviro-Economic Accounts Warmly Received As Key Environmental Policy Shift in New Zealand

28th February 2018
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on Stuff Environment. “The first report of a new system of environmental-economic accounts for New Zealand shows the nation isn’t doing enough to protect our natural world, experts say. But the fact the Government is issuing the reports is getting a warm reception. The accounts showed the impact of what humans were doing to… [more]

Crown Estate Scotland to Trial the Natural Capital Protocol on 23,000 Hectare Glenlivet Estate

5th December 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment,Featured

This press release was originally published by Crown Estate Scotland.  “Scottish farmers are to take part in a pioneering project to assess the value of natural assets to help them make decisions that will protect the environment and the land that they work on. The trial will apply the international Natural Capital Protocol to land-based… [more]

European Research Project PEGASUS Launch Agricultural & Forestry Land Project

3rd October 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on PEGASUS. “PEGASUS is a European research project aiming to develop innovative approaches and new ways of thinking about the way farmland and forests are managed in order to stimulate a long-lasting improvement in the provision of public goods and ecosystem services from agricultural and forest land in the EU. EU’s… [more]

A Framework to Quantify the Strength of Ecological Links Between an Environmental Stressor & Final Ecosystem Services

8th September 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies

This paper was originally published in Ecosphere, an Ecological Society of America Open Access Journal.  “Anthropogenic stressors such as climate change, increased fire frequency, and pollution drive shifts in ecosystem function and resilience. Scientists generally rely on biological indicators of these stressors to signal that ecosystem conditions have been altered. However, these biological indicators are… [more]

Nepal’s Ecosystems: Aiming for New Heights

22nd June 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on Center for International Forestry Research. “Nepal is a country of vast extremes, from lowlands and forested plains to mountain ranges, and, of course, the iconic Mount Everest. With land altitude varying from as low as 70 meters to more than 8,800 meters above sea level, this small landlocked nation has… [more]