Human-Nature Nexuses in Brazil: Monitoring Production of Economic & Ecosystem Services in Historical Series

26th October 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment

This paper was originally published in Ecosystem Services. Highlights Gross Domestic Product and ecosystem services are calculated for Brazil over time. Ecosystem service value is consistently higher than Gross Domestic Product. Emergy is used to quantify the resources needed to generate valuable services. The national economy is less effective in producing services than ecosystems. Ecosystem… [more]

Natural Capital Protocol: Case Study for Dow Chemical

22nd June 2017
Published under: Case Studies,Featured,Protocol Case Studies

The company in brief: Dow Chemical Company (Dow) is a United States based multinational corporation and the world’s second-largest chemical manufacturer by revenue. Dow’s Freeport, Texas manufacturing site depends heavily on water from the nearby Brazos River, where Dow is the largest of its water users which also include farmers, cities, and other industries. Although… [more]

Business Guide to Water Valuation: an Introduction to Concepts and Techniques

5th October 2013
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Enabling Environment

This Business Guide to Water Valuation provides business-specific guidance on the main concepts and techniques associated with water valuation. The intention is to arm business managers with the knowledge and critical eye needed to work with valuation specialists. This will help managers commission, manage and review water valuation studies, as well as make the best… [more]