Mark Gough

The Coalition Partners with Raconteur, WBCSD & The Times To Bring You Raconteur’s Responsible Business Edition

24th November 2017
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This report was originally published on Raconteur.  The Coalition has partnered with Raconteur, WBCSD, and The Times to bring you ‘Responsible Business’, which was released on November 24, 2017 as part of The Times’ print edition. “Global issues of climate change and sustainability are heating up as corporations begin to take notice of their responsibility… [more]

Why We Must Move From Measuring Only Impacts to Also Measuring Dependencies on the Natural World

24th November 2017
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This article was originally published on Raconteur. The way businesses, governments and individuals assess their relationships to nature has been rapidly evolving over the past half century, and this awareness has surged in the last decade  “In the mid-20th century, the burgeoning impacts of humanity on the natural world were becoming increasingly evident. A tipping point was… [more]

Natural Capital “Poised to Hit the Mainstream” – ENDSreport

28th February 2017
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This was originally published on the ENDSreport.  “Natural capital accounting is poised to hit the mainstream in a way that will affect both the public and private sectors so, on 9 January, ENDS Report convened a roundtable to find out the latest from the people at the sharp end. Rachel Salvidge reports on what they had to… [more]

Interview with Mark Gough

21st June 2016
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                            Source: Natural Capital Summit “Natural capital approach allows businesses to streamline operations, conduct more effective risk assessments and enhance business capability to make robust long term decisions” Mark Gough, Executive Director of theNatural Capital Coalition, assumed his post in March 2015,… [more]

Mark Gough Provides U.S. Congressional Testimony on Value of Uniting Natural Capital and International Trade

28th January 2016
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  Mark Gough provides testimony to United States Congressional hearing on the policy recommendations for deepening U.S. – Africa trade and investment relationships. Download the full testimony here. Hosted on: