Agroforestry Systems of High Nature & Cultural Value in Europe: Provision of Commercial Goods & Other Ecosystem Services

17th October 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies,Why Natural Capital?

 This paper was originally published in Agroforestry Systems.  “Abstract: Land use systems that integrate woody vegetation with livestock and/or crops and are recognised for their biodiversity and cultural importance can be termed high nature and cultural value (HNCV) agroforestry. In this review, based on the literature and stakeholder knowledge, we describe the structure, components and management… [more]

Natural Capital: An Annual Review

12th September 2017
Published under: Featured

Momentum in the natural capital space has been steadily building over the last several years. In order to provide a snapshot of the progress made, and a foundation for the continued measurement of growth, development and uptake, the Coalition is developing a natural capital ‘annual review’. The review will focus on the analysis of a… [more]