How to Deliver Natural Capital & Ecosystem Benefits for Transport Infrastructure

4th July 2017
Published under: Enabling Environment

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.  “Safety, cost, capacity and reliability are permanent priorities for transport infrastructure managers. The need for innovation, for new and better ways to ensure that transport infrastructure delivers the services required by society, in a sustainable way, has never been greater. There is increasing weight of evidence that natural… [more]

Natural Capital Protocol: Case Study for Jaguar Land Rover

19th June 2017
Published under: Case Studies,Featured,Protocol Case Studies

The company in brief: Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a British multinational automotive company, a subsidiary of Indian automaker Tata Motors. Jaguar Land Rover designs, develops, and manufactures vehicles bearing the Jaguar and Land Rover marques. The company has been performing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) since 2008, including for product-to-product materiality comparisons as well as… [more]

Using Natural Capital Accounting to Understand the Trade-Off Between Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Local Air Pollution

15th May 2017
Published under: Data Tools & Methodologies

This research was conducted by PwC. “The US investigation into emissions from diesel cars has drawn attention to difference between emissions performance during tests and real world driving. Some commentary confuses the issue of discovery of actions to undermine the tests, and the well-known issue of the difference between test and on road emissions. Car makers… [more]