The Coalition is supported by the Coalition team, who provide an overview of work within the natural capital community, highlight connections, engage in outreach and facilitate expert advice for the natural capital community. The Coalition team is able to act as a matchmaker to ensure that different parts of the system are talking to one another, and that leading organizations and experts are working together to achieve our shared vision.

The team consists of a mixture of contractors, paid staff, secondments and pro-bono support.

Mark Gough
Executive Director
Martin Lok
Deputy Director
Jiska Klein
Interim Operations Director
Natalie Nicholles
Development Director
Marta Santamaria
Policy Director
Hannah Brooke
Relationships Director
Rosie Dunscombe
Technical Director
Joseph Harris-Confino
Head of Communications
Doug MacNair, Ph.D
Technical Manager, ERM Secondee
Nagwa Ahmed
Executive Assistant