The Coalition

Together, the Natural Capital Coalition and the Social & Human Capital Coalition form the Capitals Coalition, a global collaboration transforming the way decisions are made by including the value provided by nature, people and society.

The Natural Capital Coalition unites the global natural capital community.

The Coalition is made up of over 300 organizations (and engages many thousands more) who together represent all parts of society and span the global economy. Coalition organizations have united under a common vision of a world that conserves and enhances natural capital.

Coalition organizations fall into seven broad stakeholder groups or ‘worlds’: These seven worlds are conservation & civil society, science & academia, business, membership organizations, standard setters & disclosure, finance and government & policy.

Coalition organizations share a common belief that we can do more together than we can alone, and an understanding that it is only by bringing the many different parts of the system together as part of a purpose-led conversation that we can we affect real change. The Coalition’s strength comes from this belief, and from the diversity it brings.

The Coalition is supported by the Coalition team, who provide an overview of work within the natural capital community, highlight connections, engage in outreach and facilitate expert advice for the natural capital community. The Coalition team is able to act as a matchmaker to ensure that different parts of the system are talking to one another, and that leading organizations and experts are working together to achieve our shared vision.

While the Coalition was primarily set up to focus on embedding natural capital thinking and assessments in the private sector, since the launch of the internationally recognised Natural Capital Protocol in 2016, our focus has broadened.

The Coalition is now also working to develop and encourage an international ‘enabling environment’ for natural capital approaches. This environment will cultivate the climate necessary to support the transition to a society in which the natural capital approach is an integral part of public and private decision-making.

The involvement of all of the Coalition’s seven worlds is crucial to achieving an enabling environment, but the Coalition’s primary focus will be on engaging the business, finance, government and policy-making communities.

The Coalition is a purpose-driven and time-bound initiative. If we are successful, we do not expect to continue to exist in our current form. Our aim is not to persist into perpetuity, but to take advantage of this moment in time where natural capital thinking has emerged as an effective tool to facilitate the transition to a more inclusive and sustainable future.

The Coalition is hosted by the ICAEW, who house the Coalition and act as a grantee for Coalition funds. This support means that any funding the Coalition receives goes directly towards achieving the Coalition’s vision.