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By Jocelyn Timperley 

“Business leaders convened last week in London to launch the first global Natural Capital Protocol, a standardized framework which aims to help managers around the world better value nature in their decision-making.

The protocol, freely available under a Creative Commons license, was developed over two years by the Natural Capital Coalition, a public-private sector collaboration whose core team comprised 38 organizations including the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), WWF, PwC and Nestlé.

It provides guidance to help firms measure their dependence and impact on natural assets and raw materials, and can be used to help firms manage their risks as well as explore new revenue streams and prepare for future reporting and disclosure.

Mark Gough, executive director of the National Capital Coalition, said the protocol will allow all businesses around the world to realise the benefits of including nature in their decision-making. “Now we have a standardized framework, it is time for action,” he said in a statement…”


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